Promotion : Coupon 1:1

Hello, BeHELP. Welcome. The admin would like to thank you for all your trust.

We would like to return the profits back to all customers with a 1:1 coupon (maximum discount !!! 20% per bill)

Customers can purchase and keep them for use at any time.
The 1:1 coupon will be displayed for customers to order only during the specified period.

Customers can download the BeHELP application and wait for notifications to receive good promotion news anywhere, anytime.

Condition : The system will automatically randomize the 1:1 coupon period and send a notification to every customer’s app.
Terms: Every coupon is 1:1. There is no minimum purchase condition. Just buy and keep to use when you want, anywhere, anytime.

More details BeHELP will inform you in the application or call for more information 02-096-5479

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